Three Dimensional Rapid-Prototyping

3D rapid-prototyping is essentially revolutionised product design, where an idea has been turned into a reality at an accelerated manufacturing cycle rate, thus leaving more time available for other projects and ideas that need to go into rapid production.

Rapid-prototyping involves iterative design, where rigorous testing, evaluation and refinement are implemented. This is great for trial-and-error testing as it enables engineers and designers to revise, redesign and re-print a physical product quickly until the final design has been perfected. This is a better system than the original, where problems after the product had been redesigned could be costly to correct due to scrapping and reworking defective or rejected product designs, as well as possibly retooling the tools used to create them.

With 3D printing ideas can be communicated effectively and in collaboration with other colleagues easily by demonstrating the product design before it’s printed.