The Most Secure Garage Doors Around

The sad fact of the matter is that garages are often broken into because they aren’t secured well enough, have older doors and haven’t been protected as well as the rest of the home. The garage can be an easy access point for burglars who are opportunistic and are hoping to be able to break into a home easily. SWS Seceuroglide doors are changing this. They are changing the face of garage doors in terms of security, offering a high-security option for your home and allowing you to feel that little bit safer inside your four walls. They are Secured By Design, meaning they have been rigorously tested and are police approved, so they are one of the safest garage door choices on the market. They were the first type of garage door to receive this accreditation, so you are getting one of the most well established and technologically advanced types of door when you choose SWS Seceuroglide.

How are these doors safer than other types of doors? Roller shutter doors are generally quite secure, but they are not Secured By Design and will not offer you as high a level of security as the Seceuroglide roller doors will. In fact, some cheaper options may not come with a lock, whereas the Seceuroglide roller door comes with a patented locking system. These locking systems are very strong and will hold the door down into place, and the doors have sturdy top slats to help prevent forced opening. If you want your door to be fitted with lighting, this is also an option, offering you a better sense of security at night. You can choose to have this to help you feel safer outside of your property at night time. These doors are also very safe for use, as they features sensors that make them stop automatically when interrupted. This means they won’t crush anything in their path and they are safe for use around children and pets.

The types of Seceuroglide door you can choose

This is a summary of the Seceuroglide range and the garage doors you can choose:

  • Classic. First made in 1997, the classic Seceuroglide door is made of aluminium and offers you enduring quality. It offers excellent insulation as well.
  • Excel. This was the first Secured By Design garage door on the market, approved by police and security standards. The door’s bottom slat interlocks with anchors to make sure it is firmly locked in.
  • LT. You can enjoy all the benefits of a secure door, with no noise reduction webbing. This makes the door lower in cost.
  • Compact. This door is designed for people who might have limited space above the garage opening. It has a smaller aluminium box and narrower guide rails to accommodate this.
  • Manual. Choose a manual door if you want to close the door by hand – the perfect option if electricity isn’t available in the area.

Choose your SWS Seceuroglide door based on your needs and make sure your garage is well protected and highly secure.