Is it Possible to Use 3D Printing to Grow Body Parts for Transplants?

The investigation began more than 20 years ago, and it would seem that we are now getting ever-closer to being able to grow real, live body parts in laboratories for medical purposes. This would allow doctors and surgeons to effectively use 3D printing technology to help heal injuries such as […]

Entering into the Design Consultancy Business

As an experienced designer, the time might come when you decide to begin your own business. It’s an exciting, if somewhat nerve-wracking, step to take and you’ll need to know where to begin. Decide which areas you’re going to specialise in. You will need to be able to provide the […]

What Exactly is 3D Printing?

3D printing is the process of using a digital file to create a three dimensional object. It can also be known as additive manufacturing. This is due to the process of producing the object – it is not all made in one go, and layers are added gradually to begin […]

Taking Account of the Method of Manufacture

One of the things that people can overlook when designing a product is how you’re going to manufacture it. It is all well and good to design a beautiful looking product, but if that product can’t then be manufactured on an industrial scale, the design makes little financial sense. This […]

The Importance of Prototypes to the Design Process

Producing prototypes is one of the most essential parts of any product development. It can be important for the highly technical sphere of product design as well as the most basic of product design. It allows everyone involved a clearer idea of the functionality of the product, and the first […]

3D Printing as a Tool of Conservation

Last week we talked about how 3D printing is used in medicine to build replacement body parts, to be used as custom-made prosthetics, to replace bones and joints, or even to replace components of organs like heart valves. This week, we bring to you information about how 3D printing is […]