How is 3D Printing Used in Product Design?

3D printing is regularly used in the product design process. It may also then be used for production and manufacturing afterwards, depending on the specific requirements of certain products. Here are some of the main ways 3D printing can be used in design: Creating prototypes. 3D printing can be used […]

3D CAD Models and How They Help the Design Process

3D CAD models are 3D computer aided design templates that are used to show how a finished product will look. They are created using advanced CAD technology by designers and design agencies in order to give an accurate representation of the product concept to the client. Here are some reasons […]

Sectional Industrial Doors – Choose Your Options Carefully

You will need to ensure that visitors, workers, products and the premises as a whole are kept safe and secure at all times when you are in charge of an industrial setting. To do this and to achieve the level of security required for such an environment, many believe that […]

The General Points To Laser Engraving Machines

The main technique in using the laser engraving machines is that even if it’s considered as the most technical machines all over, it also is complex. The heads of the laser are operated by use of the computer system, a computer system being is used to ensure that the laser […]

How Do CTR Lasers Work?

All of us are familiar with CTR Lasers, as we have utilised or seen lasers in real life eventually of our lives. Lasers are utilised as a part of an assortment of spots, as for pointers for an introduction in a corporate meeting room classroom or as a feline toy. […]

Three Dimensional Rapid-Prototyping

3D rapid-prototyping is essentially revolutionised product design, where an idea has been turned into a reality¬†at an accelerated manufacturing cycle rate, thus leaving more time available for other projects and ideas that need to go into rapid production. Rapid-prototyping involves iterative design, where rigorous testing, evaluation and refinement are implemented. […]