Electric Roller Garage Doors – What are they and how are they Used?

There are lots of uses for the electric roller garage door. It is primarily used in industry and in commercial settings, helping to increase security and productivity by offering a highly specialised, highly functional and highly practical solution that can be put to use in many different environments. If you […]

Innovation in Design – Looking to the Future

Innovation is important in good design. It solves real-life problems, creates answers and helps to take society to a new, more advanced level. We need designers to be innovative to keep making improvements – and to make more money. Design is an important part of innovation, bringing people’s innovative new […]

How Does a Laser Work?

Did you know that laser is actually an acronym? It stands for ‘light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation’. The light is emitted as a coherent beam, meaning that it can be focused on a specific area. This allows the laser beam to be used in a number of different […]

How is 3D Printing Used in Product Design?

3D printing is regularly used in the product design process. It may also then be used for production and manufacturing afterwards, depending on the specific requirements of certain products. Here are some of the main ways 3D printing can be used in design: Creating prototypes. 3D printing can be used […]

3D CAD Models and How They Help the Design Process

3D CAD models are 3D computer aided design templates that are used to show how a finished product will look. They are created using advanced CAD technology by designers and design agencies in order to give an accurate representation of the product concept to the client. Here are some reasons […]