Order Your Own 3D Printer

Although usability is certain to be an issue, you can actually order a 3D printer for under £5000 today. The highest end of the market could see you paying as much as £20,000 for a 3D printer, but a less capable model could cost you as little as £5000.

The different between the upper end of the market and the lower is mostly based around the size of what can be printed, and how fast it works. A cheaper model will typically be quite small and in turn only capable of printing smaller things. A more expensive one will be larger, and faster at completing a design.

In terms of personal use, a cheaper model can be ideal. You would be able to print a large number of designs out, as long as you’re prepared to wait a few hours for it to complete. For professional use, efficiency is key, and a printer which can complete various tasks at relatively quick speed is what you need to consider buying.