How is 3D Printing Used in Product Design?

3D printing is regularly used in the product design process. It may also then be used for production and manufacturing afterwards, depending on the specific requirements of certain products. Here are some of the main ways 3D printing can be used in design:

  • Creating prototypes. 3D printing can be used to make incredibly realistic and detailed prototypes. This allows the client to see what their product will be like and to make amendments, without having got to a much later stage in the process.
  • Testing. Product functionality can be tested by creating certain parts through 3D printing. This allows in-depth tests to be done in relation to performance, strength and durability, amongst other criteria.
  • Comparison. You can create different versions of products, or parts of products, and see which one looks and feels better.
  • Manufacturing. 3D printing can be used for tooling and can open up new options in the design process by providing new ways to manufacture as well.