Design Tools: Making Design More Efficient

Designing products or marketing materials has been possible for generations, but it has only been a relatively recent development that everyone can use high-end CAD (computer aided design) software to help make their design efforts more precise and efficient.

What Does CAD Software Accomplish?

Much like design a 3D prototype, being able to design a 3D representation of a product in a virtual world enhances a viewer’s ability to form an opinion. While that opinion is going to be less valid than one formed on a real 3D prototype, it is certainly above a simple sketch of a product. It is also worth bearing in mind that all 3D printings of a product are based off of a CAD design, so it is always going to be necessary.

CAD has a number of purposes. As discussed above, it serves the purpose of adding an extra qualification for ideas (initial idea> sketch> 3D design> 3D print> product), and as a necessity for producing 3D prints of designs.