Design Consultancy

Taking Account of the Method of Manufacture

One of the things that people can overlook when designing a product is how you’re going to manufacture it. It is all well and good to design a beautiful looking product, but if that product can’t then be manufactured on an industrial scale, the design makes little financial sense. This […]

The CAD Revolution

The most apt definition of what the advent of CAD, computer aided design, has provided to the design services industry and business in general, is simply a revolution. It has allowed for the quick and easy development of complex design work, and presents the design idea in a clear and […]

Design Tools: Making Design More Efficient

Designing products or marketing materials has been possible for generations, but it has only been a relatively recent development that everyone can use high-end CAD (computer aided design) software to help make their design efforts more precise and efficient. What Does CAD Software Accomplish? Much like design a 3D prototype, […]