Monthly archives: November 2015

3D Printing as a Tool of Conservation

Last week we talked about how 3D printing is used in medicine to build replacement body parts, to be used as custom-made prosthetics, to replace bones and joints, or even to replace components of organs like heart valves. This week, we bring to you information about how 3D printing is […]

3D Printing in Medicine

While it is certainly outside of the realm of product development, the use of 3D printing in medicine and health care can provide some useful insight into what the growing capabilities of the technology are. 3D printing in medicine is a relatively new phenomena, but it has quickly grown to […]

Local Design Services for Local Businesses

A lot of people underestimate the value that product design services offer businesses, even when they’re small businesses only operating on a local level. Most commercial businesses design and produce their own products, and the issues of ergonomics and aesthetics can have a massive impact on how well these products […]