Monthly archives: August 2015

Is it Still Possible To Be Innovative?

With products and new designs being created all of the time, it can be difficult to buck the trend and produce something which is truly innovative, but evidence has shown time and again how the more innovative a product is, the more successful it can become. Apple were, in many […]

3D Printing Services

3D printing is something which has been looked at as science fiction for a long time, but the reality is that it is being done all of the time in the product design sphere. They use 3D printers to print physical representations / prototypes of the various product designs a […]

Developing an Idea From The Initial Stages

A lot of people come up with ideas for new products, and while most are, quite frankly, crap, there are always a few gems. The problem is that, because these people who come up with these ideas aren’t usually design-focussed or without training in it at least, these ‘gems’ of […]

How the Big Companies Do it

Product design services are something which are accessible to everyone, but there are distinct advantages that large companies have over smaller ones. The budget, by and large, is far above what a smaller company could possibly invest, so the amount of work that can go into the design of a […]

Product Design Services

Designing a brand new product is actually more difficult to get right than you might think. You may be tempted to just try your hand at it yourself, and who knows, you may even be successful at it, but you should know that there is a a tried and tested […]